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Indeed, Ekaterinburg is worth visiting.

Ekaterinburg is the third biggest and important Russian city after Moscow and St. Petersburg. This capital of the Urals is an administrative, transport, commercial, trading, scientific and cultural centre. Initially, Ekaterinburg was the centre of heavy machinery and mining, now it is in the list of 10 most attractive Russian regions from the tourist and business point of view. Ekaterinburg has unique geographical position, it stands on the border between Europe and Asia.

Ekaterinburg ranks among 12 ideal world cities because of its architecture, combination of old wooden houses, architectural ensembles, churches of the 18th and 19th cc and modern buildings. Ekaterinburg attracts many tourists due to more than 600 historical and cultural monuments.

Ekaterinburg surroundings also present a great interest for guests of the city: Ganya Pit (the place where Romanovs’ remains were buried), Ice cave of Kungur, Falling Town of Neveynask.

Spend your time in Ekaterinburg in one of the modern Hotels or a bit beside the city in a Holiday Home - one of these nice Datschas. You'll not regret to to have a Car and a driver to visite all nice sigths arround. What about considering some days of snow-vacation in a modern ski vacation resort. There are much things to do in Ekaterinburg, the city at the border between Europe and Asia.

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